Case Study: Helping Robots to See

Their breakthrough technology will recognize and guide robotic work functions no matter the object’s orientation or similarity to other parts. ADLINK’s all-in-one NEON smart camera was chosen to integrate into their Robeye robotic guidance solution, because of its small and rugged footprint, easy integration, and high return on investment.

In this case study, you will learn
  • The challenges involved in successful vision-guided robotics applications
  • Techniques involved in vision-guided robotics for automotive part handling
They have been very flexible with us, they worked with us to get exactly what we needed… There were specific features that we talked to ADLINK about, and they made sure we received exactly what we were looking for…” 
  • The simplicity of ADLINK’s all in one NEON smart camera for easy set up and deployment

ADLINK NEON helped recognition robotics develop a whole new robotic vision guidance platform

Recognition Robotics is a technology leader for visual recognition and robotic guidance. They have 11 patents which cover the unique capability to locate a part and determine 6 degrees of freedom (X Y Z Rx Ry Rz) from a single 2D camera image. 
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