Intelligent Transportation with Vortex DDS™

ADLINK's Vortex Data Distribution Service (DDS) brings intelligence to transportation systems by providing high-performance real-time data sharing. This success story looks at how the Vortex DDS data sharing platform connected Dutch Railway company ProRail's railway network traffic control and security systems.  Download the customer success story to discover more about the value Vortex DDS brings to making transportation systems intelligent. 

  • Mission Critical Performance

     Guaranteed the mission critical reliability and deterministic behaviour that these increasingly complex systems demand 
  • Real-Time Data Connectivity Solution 

    Efficient, secure and interoperable real-time data sharing for transportation systems

  • Reduce Cost and get you to market quicker

    Greatly reduced the time and cost of developing connected systems and decreased time-to-market

Download our customer success story to learn how one customer is using ADLINK DDS