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Edge-to-Cloud Machine Vision in Action

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PPE Detection for Worker Safety

Inawisdom’s customer Balfour Beatty was looking for a solution to identify proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on staff entering hazardous construction sites. Inawisdom joined forces with ADLINK to create a proof of concept using computer vision and AI, enabling object identification in real time at the edge for deployment in remote or non-connected locations.

Internet of All Things Livestream

Rob Boville, head of engineering for edge solutions at ADLINK, will join the AWS Internet of All Things livestream on Dec. 10 at 3 pm PST to discuss his timely machine vision project, available on, in which he took advantage of his COVID shelter-in-place situation to determine which delivery drivers were trampling through his front garden to deliver parcels to neighbors.

Edge AI Object Detection

ADLINK’s Edge AI solution demonstrates neural network object detection where captured video streams are used for predictive modeling. Real-time data for worker safety, logistics and defect identification improves productivity and operational efficiency.

Preventing Costly Downtime

Smart Gateways Enable Monitoring of Water Quality in Near Real-time.

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Making Pallets Talk

Smart Pallets Advance Efficiency of Warehouse Logistics

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Improving Patient Experience

Panel Computers Increase Productivity for Medical Imaging Facilities

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