Use Case

ADLINK' s Velocity Planning Solution Maintains Motor Stability During Laser Beam Machining

In addition to common processes such as laser cutting, welding, and deburring, contouring is widely used in CNC systems for various industrial automation applications.
As the aesthetic qualities of product designs improve and computer graphics become increasingly complex, conventional laser beam machining (LBM) processes can be inadequate for achieving desired outcomes under short deadlines and without unnecessary complications. The motors involved in LBM typically accelerate and decelerate rapidly during contouring, making it difficult to maintain stability due to strong vibration.
With over 20 years in motion control, ADLINK provides solutions for markets with high standards for precision and reliability (e.g., the military). To address the stability issues encountered during contouring, ADLINK developed a built-in, easy-to-implement velocity planning algorithm.
Velocity Planning Solution_TN.png