Avionics Made Simple with Edge IoT

Deploy aerospace and defense applications faster and easier with ADLINK’s certified FACE™ conformant Vortex Data Distribution Service (DDS) software

Download our latest Use Case Spotlight "Connected Avionics with ADLINK" to learn more about how Vortex DDS can help with avionics system integration for faster time to market, reduced costs, and to keep mission critical systems running.

Vortex DDS is ADLINK's leading Edge IoT software that makes data distribution simple with secure real-time data sharing for even the most complex systems making it the choice for NASA to launch rocket ships, manufacturers to connect avionics across fleets, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to fly. Connect hundreds or thousands of data-sources, the choice is simple. 

  • ADLINK’s Vortex DDS is now certified FACE conformant

    government-industry-academia developed open software standard that makes aerospace and defense computing operations more robust, interoperable, portable and secure
  • First to the line 

    ADLINK is the first and only company to achieve FACE conformance certification in both C++ and JAVA programming languages for DDS technology so it’s safe to say our Edge IoT software is held to the highest standard

  • Wondering what FACE conformance is?

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