EVA IDE Hands-on Webinar
Low-code/no-code Development Platform
Fast and Intuitive, Two Weeks to an AI Machine Vision PoC

VSupports 10+ camera protocols and field-ready plugins
VSupports TensorRT™ and OpenVINO™
VLow-code/no-code Intuitive GUI for fast AI inference validation and result output

30-minute EVA IDE 
Hands-on Webinar

The Simplest Way to Create an AI Vision PoC

Acquisition, preprocessing, AI inferencing, and exporting results are the four key steps to building AI machine vision applications. EVA IDE is a set of visual development tools included in the EVA SDK, providing a wealth of plugins and configuration tools. The low-code/no-code GUI environment can speed up development, increase configuration flexibility, and preview results instantly, allowing you to complete an AI machine vision PoC just in two weeks!

We'll cover...

  • Low-code/no-code GUI EVA IDE introduction
  • How to easily capture images and perform preprocessing through EVA IDE
  • How to set up an AI inference through EVA IDE
  • AI inference result output and application

30-minute EVA IDE
Hands-on Webinar

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