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Video data is informing the next era of IoT, but aggregating, filtering, indexing, and classifying this data in near-real time requires advanced vision capabilities and technologies. Together, ADLINK, Touch Cloud, and Intel provide a turnkey AI engine to assist in data analytics, detection, classification, and prediction for a wide range of use cases. Smart city and manufacturing operations are prime examples of both the complexity and opportunities enabled by the convergence of vision capabilities, IoT, and AI solutions.

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Industry-Leading R& Investment

>30% of employees in engineering functions

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2018 Edge Computing Company of the Year

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Focus on diversity

45 managers representing 16 nationalities

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Preventing Costly Downtime

Smart Gateways Enable Monitoring of Water Quality in Near Real-time.

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Making Pallets Talk

Smart Pallets Advance Efficiency of Warehouse Logistics

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Improving Patient Experience

Panel Computers Increase Productivity for Medical Imaging Facilities

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