Vision AI

Industrial Automation using ADLINK’s eco-system for Vision AI hardware and software platform, using AI framework from Data Spree.

Think Big, Start Small and Learn Fast with an ADLINK Digital Experiment.

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Video data is informing the next era of IoT, but aggregating, filtering, indexing, and classifying this data in near-real time requires advanced vision capabilities and technologies. Together, ADLINK, Touch Cloud, and Intel provide a turnkey AI engine to assist in data analytics, detection, classification, and prediction for a wide range of use cases. Smart city and manufacturing operations are prime examples of both the complexity and opportunities enabled by the convergence of vision capabilities, IoT, and AI solutions.

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Accelerating Vision AI with ADLINK & Data Spree

ADLINK Technology and Data Spree combine industry-ready hardware and state of the art Vision AI software. ADLINK offer the complete eco-system and through a Digital Experiment we can add Vision AI into your production systems.

With just a few clicks, the Data Spree AI Framework Deep Learning DS can be used to implement reliable vision applications based on data. Data management, training and plug & play deployment, fully integrated and all from one source. And without a single line of code.

Solve your vision problems with AI more easily and efficiently in the future, whether in automation, robotics, quality assurance or logistics.

ADLINK Software Eco-System

ADLINK Edge is a software eco-system of partner and best of breed solutions, which are fully integrated through ADLINK’s Data River technology.

About Data Spree

Data-driven technologies are the gamechanger of our time. Together with ADLINK, our mission as Data Spree is to make Vision AI software accessible to a wide range of companies and industries to accelerate their individual processes. In doing so, we offer the complete vision pipeline to bring state-of-the-art Vision AI into your production systems faster and easier than ever before.
Get started with reliable Vision AI solutions - in days, not months.

Data Spree Deep Learning DS

With our AI platform Deep Learning DS, we empower our customers to move from data to solutions in a much smarter and easier way. Deep Learning DS integrates the entire development cycle of a vision application / data journey, starting from data acquisition and management, through AI training and AI validation, to the deployment and update process.

A clean user interface and a broad feature stack, such as automated data annotation, data analysis, automated parameter optimization and state-of-the-art AI algorithms, allow you to exploit the full potential of neural networks and independently develop comprehensive solutions for new and diverse image processing challenges. And all this without having to program a single line of code.

Data Spree Inference DS

Deploy / Run Vision AI into your production systems with just a few mouse clicks. With the Inference DS software module, your AI models can be quickly and easily deployed to ADLINK IoT hardware in your production system and run in the field in a simple user-friendly interface. This process takes only a few minutes and can be carried out with just a few mouse clicks. Time-consuming interface developments are now a thing of the past.

Inference DS can be quickly and easily adapted and expanded in a modular fashion. The simple plug-in structure offers possibilities for functional extensions for automated data acquisition, communication with other devices and industry interfaces, application customization and much more. The open Data Spree framework even allows you to create and run your own Python-based plugins.

Digital Experiment

ADLINK EDGE™ digital experiments make IoT deployments faster, easier and cheaper to optimize your operations.

ADLINK Vision AI ready hardware

NEON-2000-JT2 Industrial Edge AI Camera

EOS-i6000-P Series Vision System

Deep Learning Accelerator Platforms - DLAP