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Accelerate Development of Smart Medical Robots

Robotics Solutions for the Smart Medical Industry

ADLINK drew on years of experience in the development of industrial Internet-of-Things (IoT) platforms and ROS 2 (Robot Operating System 2) technology to offer a highly flexible, high integrated and highly compatible solution that can help hospitals and robotic system integrators realize the vision of rapid development for smart medical robots. ADLINK has now released a ROS 2 controller that customers can use for rapid development of  robots; for the communication system of medical systems, ADLINK is offering customers another complete solution for the rapid and reliable integration of internal and external data by hospitals. Customers have two ROS robot controller series from ADLINK to select from. The controllers also come embedded with Neuron SDK, ADLINK's commercial ROS development kit.  Hence, this complete ROS 2 robot solution allows customers to engage in the rapid development of robot applications. 

In this White Paper, you will learn:

  • How software-hardware integration in the ROS 2 controller supports the rapid development of smart medical robots
  • The advantages offered by ADLINK's ROS solution: simplified system integration, software-hardware system optimization, and ADLINK quality assurance
  • How to use the ROS 2 and DDS platform to accelerate development for smart medical robots

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