ADLINK + Amazon Lookout for Vision
Spot product defects using computer vision to automate quality inspection

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Video data is informing the next era of IoT, but aggregating, filtering, indexing, and classifying this data in near-real time requires advanced vision capabilities and technologies. Together, ADLINK, Touch Cloud, and Intel provide a turnkey AI engine to assist in data analytics, detection, classification, and prediction for a wide range of use cases. Smart city and manufacturing operations are prime examples of both the complexity and opportunities enabled by the convergence of vision capabilities, IoT, and AI solutions.

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Machine Learning Process

Amazon Lookout for Vision is a machine learning (ML) service that spots defects and anomalies in visual representations using computer vision. What part does ADLINK play in the process?


Connect your camera or vision system and capture raw images/frames to the ADLINK Data River™, or use the ADLINK Deep Stream Engine to pre-process the raw images. Then push data to the cloud for machine learning model creation and inferencing.

Run & Act

Model is run, and detected anomalies are pushed back to the edge onto the ADLINK Data River™. From there, you can use programming tools and pre-built connectors from the ADLINK Edge™ software suite to drive actions based on detected anomalies.


Continue reading images/frames from the ADLINK Data River™ and pushing data to the cloud to improve the model. Provided programming tools allow you to change configuration parameters of the camera, such as brightness and color balance, and also debug any issues related to the streams coming from the camera.

Computer Vision Platforms 

ADLINK offers AWS IoT Greengrass and ML-certified Edge AI platforms to capture and deliver data and deploy machine learning models.

NEON-2000-JT2 Industrial Edge AI Camera

EOS-i6000-P Series Vision System

DLAP-8000 Series Robot Controller


Examples of computer vision in manufacturing

Use Case

Defect Detection for Contact Lens Manufacturing

Video Highlight

Presenting Computer Vision at the Edge

ADLINK Edge™ Machine Vision AI Software

AI for intelligent decision making and action at the edge